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tv   Al Jazeera World News  LINKTV  January 20, 2013 5:30am-6:00am PST

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>> the human costs of the algerian siege. many are still missing." x hello. this is al-jazeera live from doha. ♪ the african troops in mali holding the reveled advance but will the french army also need to stay? activists in serious say they are using in a silent and deadly weapon. -- in syria are using a deadly
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weapon. the fight against forced marriage. algeria is mourning the death toll from the four-day siege in the sahara desert is likely to rise. 23 hostages already confirmed dead and over one dozen more are unaccounted for. they have also said the 32 hostage takers were from six different countries. rosalind jordan has more. >> this amateur video taken by one of the captors shows the remains of some of the foreign workers killed this week during the hostage crisis at a natural gas facility. this amateur video shows the jeeps destroyed by government forces filled with suspected attackers as they tried to flee with hostages. images released as they
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announced the four-day long crisis was finally over. on saturday, army helicopters swooped as the remaining captives were cornered by algerians special forces. workers from britain, the u.s., japan, and norway are among those still unaccounted for. this is a four stocks are still missing. >> tragically, we have a great fear is that we may have fatalities from this group. we're working very closely with the families, providing them with information, counselling, and other needs. >> they had offered to release hostages in return for the freedom of his longest prisoners, but it seems the government never intended to negotiate. -- they offered to release
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hostages in return a four islamist prisoners. >> we heard the japanese man shouting in english. we also heard the seven shooting. the next day we went back and we found their dead bodies. >> the decision to raided the complex alone and it angered some government. >> hostages have died. if we needed a justification of the action you have taken against terrorism, you have it. >> the u.s. defense secretary declined to criticize and instead issued a warning. >> we cannot except attacks against our citizens and our interests abroad. neither can we accept an al qaeda safe haven anywhere in the
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world. >> a warning to those across out uppercut. rosalind jordan, al-jazeera. >> british prime minister david cameron is concerned that three of the debtor from the united kingdom. all joins us live from london. what has cameron. assaying darks >> he gave an interview over several minutes in which he, first of all, braced those families waiting for news here for the prospect of further bad news to come. we know that six britons amain accounted for together with one u.k. citizen. he clarified that three of those have now been confirmed dead. it is the fate of three more plus the ukase of this and which are coming at the moment, left on known.
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it was invited to criticize the algerian authorities for bringing this hostage crisis to an end and the decline to do so. we know back in parliament on friday, he spoke to lawmakers in the british parliament and expressed frustration that he had not been told in advance to go in and end the siege. he was a lot more diplomatic on sunday. the other thing they spoke about was the bigger picture roswell. moving forward from here, france, norway, and the u.s. will start concentrating in little bit more on the situation in south africa. >> this will require a global response. it will require response that is about years and decades rather than months. requires a response that is patient and painstaking, tough
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but intelligent. above all, it has an iron resolve. that is what we will deliver. >> paul, what are we to read into his comments there? >> cameron and the other prime ministers and presidents to have nationals in this crisis have a domestic audience and they want to be seen to be tough. they do not want to be seen to be impotent in the lack of information coming out of algeria. they know that this is a long game to be played year. with north african and the militant activity effectively right of the doorstep of europe, they know they cannot alienate the algerian authorities. they need to work with them in the months and years to come. they need to alienate them now with some ill advised criticism. >> paul, thank you.
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west african leaders have asked for urgent aid to help those in mali fight against the rebels. african nations need to take the lead in military operations. joining us live from the capital, what is the latest on the fighting? >> we have heard reports from the north overnight back french bombers have been in action against targeting timbuktu. the reports we have heard speak about three airstrikes on sunday. the first two were within half an hour of each other to the northwest of the city. then there was a report of another air strike to the north of timbuktu where the rebel
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group was. and is unclear whether the vehicle was carrying explosives. on the ground, the latest we have had are those by the strong as supporters of the french military regaining the town and also this village that fell to the rebel forces after the french air strikes began. it was important from a strategic and a psychological 0.0 view to push the rebels back from that village. >> there pushover african troops to take over this intervention. this intervention was not supposed to start until much later this year and was supposed to be african-lead. do think african trips can take
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over now? are they up to the job? >> it is wanting property nations to pledge hundreds of troops to take part in mali. it is quite another thing to get the troops ready and get them here are the ground. they think having the the adjustable where with all the transport across the continent from average of to cross the borders to come here is quite another if they. they are saying that the broad and denounced both concerns busier and that there is a need to restore the integrity of mali and keep them from becoming a haven of groups affiliated
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with al qaeda. it seems the americans and canadians have been involved in transporting french troops and they can help a little with the transport problems. the latest round of help has come from the russians offering help to bring french troops in tamale. there are already 2000 french troops on the ground and only a few hundred african troops. they won the africans actually taking the lead in this. >> jackie, thank you. two fighters thought to belong to allocate have been killed by a suspected u.s. drive strike -- belonging to al qaeda have been killed by drone attacks in yemen.
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to see. now where activists are reporting heavy clashes in the capital. -- to syria now. a rocket hit an area that has been under bombardment for the last two months. meanwhile, the rebels are advancing on colombo airport. we have seen fighters capturing a government military base near the airport. weapons seized used by assaad forces to defend the airport include anti-aircraft guns, tanks, and heavy artillery. >> we tell them if they refuse to armagh's, we will arm ourselves without patience and resistance. we will be victorious. with these weapons captured, we will defeat assaad. >> government forces killed more
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on saturday, many of them women and children. al-jazeera manage to find some of those who were there. >> we were playing at our house. i was injured by the shrapnel. >> this is the terrorists. where is the humanity? assaad says he is killing terrorists. this was my children's bedroom. >> the bombardment of syria continues. they say they are using a new kind of misfile. we report from the northern province. >> a village high in the mountains or a new weapon inside of the government. this is the shrapnel from the huge crater this missile created just next to a school house and
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thousands of refugees. >> we were asleep at about 11:00 at night when we heard an enormous explosion. we woke up to find a whole 6 meters long and 3 meters deep. this is not a usual shell. it must be a ground misfile. this is something horrible. the shrapnel has spread over 500 meters or more. >> the locals say that there were knocked off of their feet but the pressure of the blast. >> it shook everything. we were in an old cave under the ground. even the cave shot and all the glass in the area shattered. a ceiling of 500 meters away fell down. >> they say when the tanks and artillery attack, they hear them first and can run away. when the aircraft dropped bombs, they have at least some time to take cover.
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with these new rockets, they did not know when and where they will drop and they think they can cause enormous amounts of damage. these are short-range result reportedly been washed towards damascus. they're saying iran has outfitted them with the fata 110, similar to scud missiles. >> we have been extremely clear about iranian efforts to prop up the assaad trichet regime. -- assaad regime. it is not just money and training but weapons and techniques for trying to keep him in power. >> imposing sanctions on two
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iranian firms last month accused of providing arms to the syrian government. the prime minister visited tehran last week. as the promised to enhance relations between the two countries. iran has not confirmed they are providing the assaad government with weapons. they say they are now concentrating efforts on trying to cut off all supplies to the regime coming into the country by sea. >> the ceasefire has expired in columbia. still to come, a village where the peace lasts for now, but how much longer? a zoo in thailand hopes this can be saved from extinction.
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fires andcase of floods and for australia's. the bushfire is continuing in the southern marshes part. did you showers in news out wells, but some of the lightning strikes have been causing problems with the bushfires and it's quite possible they have sparked a few of those fires in recent days. there will still be a few showers close to the coastal fringes of new south wales. there is some cause for good news there. further north, this is where we are talking about flooding. you can see this circulation that may well develop in the northern areas of queensland. this is also affecting indonesia. they say they are in the process of easing a bit now. making its way into the southeastern part of sri lanka,
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nothing nearly as wet as it was a few weeks ago. 5 inches across the portion of southeast asia.
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>> the top stories on al- jazeera. after a four-day siege in the
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saharan desert, algeria is warning the number of debt is expected to rise. 23 hostages killed and another dozen unaccounted for. west african countries did indeed urgent financial help from the united nations to help fight rebels in northern mali. france is urging regional leaders to take over the operations. opposition activists are accusing syrian soldiers of using a new type of silence missiles. but as has have shown how the zero craters and shrapnel caused by the unidentified weapons. -- witnessess have shown us the craters. the inauguration ceremony of president obama will be public on monday after the private swearing in on sunday. a cease-fire declared by it the rebels in colombia ends on
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sunday. the altered a truce as a gesture of goodwill, but now's the billions are bracing for a surge in violence. in one of the worst conflict zones, we have a report. >> they enjoy the last hours of relative peace in the village in the valley, a stronghold for the rebels. over the last two months, they have been fraught with combat and skirmishes. now the unilateral cease-fire is over. how long will it be until they are running for cover? >> they are some of the ones most impacted by the arbitrary actions. we live in constant tension. what the down the road, those in charge of the area's 3000 strong army units shows us the feared homemade mortar used by the
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farc. >> they least these with human excrement so if the shop that does not kill you -- if the shrapnel does not kill you, the infection does. >> there are prepared to keep fighting even if they call for another bilateral ceasefire. the government rolls out a ceasefire are gearing in the past they used to recruiting and strengthen forces. while farc and government leaders talk peace in havana, of both sides are gearing up for an escalation in the conflict. hours before the unilateral ceasefire collapses, they gather here to argue that they will suffer most. >> i think the government has the mistaken belief yet to keep pressing our adversary even when the peace talks make progress. >> this mother of two asked us
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not to identify her, but she agreed to show how the community it is caught in the middle of the conflict. >> this is where the rebel mortar fell and it is partially blocked by the main go tree. still, it reached the house and terrified the children. i understand the army has a job to do, but they operate within the community which makes us a target. >> targets in the conflict that most of grown up with. they hope the faraway in cuba, both sides may agree to stop fighting. al-jazeera, colombia. >> six people have been shot dead during a suspected drug- related violence that happened in the capital. they believe the victims were killed by hit men. four people have been killed by gunmen who opened fire on the convoy of one of the the most
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promised is lamas the leaders of nigeria. he was not hurt in the attack. in the past week, the arms group has been attacking security forces in the city on a daily basis. the president of myanmar says he wants a peace talk with all ethnic rebel groups in his country. the fighters say that they are continuing to violate a truce and the ceasefire came into force saturday. rebels say they have had several attacks since then including one close to the border of china. >> the british government plans to make it a criminal offense to force anyone into marriage. they will be finding parents a break the law but it could be easier said than done. our u.k. cons -- reporter has
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the report. >> here is what teenagers are taught in school in london nowadays. one of your friends is likely to be a victim of a forced marriage. this campaign is trying to get children from any racial or ethnic background to understand just how important this is. >> we cannot be culturally insensitive. we have to say this should be against the law. it needs to be stamped out. >> this woman was taken to turkey when she was 17 on a holiday, they said. when she got there, she was introduced to a man she was told to marry. five years later after abuse, she goes away. it has not been easy to forgive her father. >> they took me to turkey and left me there. that was it. there was no explanation. i never even knew i was going there to get married. nothing was explained even after
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my father apologized. the only thing he said was, we thought we were doing the right thing. what's the right thing based on what? >> based on his cultural beliefs. >> the most unpleasant aspect of this is that children are essentially hand it over into a life of slavery by their own parents. that's why the government wants is this of a criminal offense of a forced marriage to be made law. but some communities at the heart of this are very complicated places to try to police. the campaign recently interviewed 1000 pakistan and women living in the u.k. 850 said they knew someone in a forced marriage and 800 said there were forced they would not tell the police because they would not want the trade -- to betray their family. this is the problem. what's changing the mind
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separate us is using religion to highlight that and this is where we incorporate imams, or faith leadrs. >> the talk about how they will reasonably be able to make a distinction between an arranged marriage and a forced marriage. >> a that arranged marriage includes consent. on the other end, you have forced marriages ended is the gray area in between that will be a challenge for prosecutors and law-enforcement agencies to capture. what's the real power lies in the hands of children who need to find the strength to say no to the authority figures in their lives. al-jazeera, london. >> this will take it to afghanistan where gender violence remains a problem despite the 2009 wall. we follow one woman's quest to justice after her daughter was killed by her husband.
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she said the murder could have been protected -- prevented. bulgarian police have arrested a man who pointed a gun at the head of the turkish party as he was making a speech. the 25-year-old approached him at the conference and held a pistol to his head. the man was quickly disarmed and detained. wintry weather sweeping across the u.k. and an avalanche has killed four climbers in the highlands of scotland. six men and women were mountaineering and want it manage to beat avoiding being swept away. one female climbers being treated after being pulled from the snow. france is also shivering. this is the second highest danger alert in parts of the country making roads treacherous. three soldiers died on their way to join troops.
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>> this program is using techniques produced the only reservoir humans. we report from one of the laboratories in thailand. when a cynne assigned to patrol in the wildlife conservation in front in tie line. -- it in thailand. this lab is wrong by the zoological park organization and it had the sperm of 20 different species. the focus is on the sperm and the collection process is extremely delicate.
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